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Starting Up

Well it looks like we might be able to start up again soon, with some restrictions of course. I think I can handle two at a time in my studio and still maintain social distancing between the students. You will be required to answer a few questions before attending, such as do you have a cough or fever, but we should be all used to those by now. :). I will also request that you wear a mask as I will have to be in close contact with you to help you attain the perfect piece. Lunches will be held outside if possible so that you can remove your mask and breathe again. Anytime you need to get a breath of fresh air, you can step outside, remove your mask, and replace it when you reenter the studio.

My goal is to keep everyone safe and still ensure that you get the piece you desire for your garden.

If you do not have a mask, I have reusable ones for sale.

Check out the workshop tab next week as I should have a schedule up by then

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