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Bottle Giraffe

These cute little giraffes are so easy to make.  Using and empty wine bottle (you supply, so easy to do) half filled with sand and sealed, a roll of tin foil and hammer (you supply)

They have stunning eyes complete with eyelashes, ear tufts, tail, mane, hooves, and LOTS of character.

I will supply all other materials and will guide you through the process of using Paverpol products to harden fabrics and make them weather proof.  Several different processes will be used to create the texture of the fur and the smoothness of the hooves.

Cost: $150.00 

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your space 

Figure workshop


Create a beautiful figure.  At approx 14-16" tall one of these unique projects will complete your garden decor for a little bit of Wow

Seated Lady




April 8, 2024 9:30-4

February 24, 2024 9:30-4

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Workshop participants are supplied a frame, tools to help sculpt, and enough Paverol to complete your project. Depending on the statue you are creating, you will be required to supply one or two extra large white t-shirts and a roll of tin foil. We will sculpt the figure using the frame and tin foil along with hockey tape to give a smoother finish if needed. The t-shirts are cut into strips and larger pieces to create a dress or feathers, or whatever else is needed to decorate your frame. The t-shirt strips are dipped and wrapped around the figure creating a waterproof mummy. Then we “dress” it using the larger pieces. This process takes approximately 6 hours to complete and you will have a finished piece to take home. Smaller projects are completed in about 4 hours. You will need to wear old clothes and bring slip on shoes (that you don’t mind getting messy). Bring a light lunch and your creativity.

All workshop locations are in Stouffville or Almonte and require a 50% deposit to register.

Bird Workshop

Join Deborah in this immersive 6-hour workshop where creativity takes flight!  Using only 2 extra large T-shirts and a roll of tin foil, you'll sculpt a magnificent heron, guided by Deborah's expertise.  Unleash your artistic spirit, and by the end, you'll proudly take home a unique masterpiece for your garden.  Secure your spot with a $75.00 deposit, and the total cost of this unforgettable experience is $175.00.  Let's transform simple materials using Paverpol into timeless garden art

Contact for available dates

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